The Founders

Posted by Justin Raynard on

Justin (Gramz) Raynard Founded the Company 3L3VAT3 in September 2020 it started as a HYPE website to buy rare and designer streetwear.  Shawn (Hush) Harding and Gramz share a passion in streetwear and also make music together. The two decided with their expertise in designing and knowledge of the Hip Hop Music and Streetwear Scenes that they could make their own brand that could compete with A Bathing Ape, Supreme, VLone, Anti Social Social Club, The Hundreds and more. In December Hush made the 3s Monogram, Gramz made Atom the Alien and they never looked back. These two men are two of the most driven, passionate, and artistic men you'll ever meet. They also both are very big on helping the community, and as their first act of a company hosted a 1st Annual 3L3VAT3 The Homeless Drive where they raised about $400 and matched to help keep the local south of Boston's less fortunate warm at nighttime. With plans on "TAKING OVER THE WORLD" these two cant wait to look back on the early days of 3L3VAT3.CLOTHING