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   3L3VAT3 is not just a clothing company it is a mindset. We need to 3L3VAT3 ourselves and the people around us to be better than the person we were yesterday. So this is one of the biggest parts of our company.

  This February we created a fundraiser called 3L3VAT3 the Homeless, we raised about $200 and matched most of it ourselves. We also match every $50 we raised with and 3L3VAT3 Hoodie. Better than the monetary donations we raised, we also were donated a lot of the items and supplies we used the money to buy. Since its winter and people literally are living outside we bought or had donated Jackets, Hats, Socks, Gloves, Sweatshirts, Pants, Blankets, Handwarmers, Footwarmers, and Body warmers. 

  It was very important to us that our first act a company was to give back, even before we sold one shirt or hoodie. We would have loved to take pictures and videos especially for the donors but its very poor taste and defeats the purpose to do something just to brag about it. So we took footage or before and after. 

  We will continue in the future to run 3L3VAT3 the Community events and fundraisers. 3L3VAT3 THE HOMELESS will take place twice a year in July and December. and we are working on starting a foundation called 3L3VAT3 the youth to help raise money and awareness for at risk youth, to try to help them make the right decisions in life to succeed.

  Thank You in advance for your support and commitment to 3L3VAT3ING yourself and those around you.

- Justin Raynard (Co-Owner of 3L3VAT3) 


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