About Us

Posted by Justin Raynard on

  3L3VAT3 is not just a clothing company it is a mindset. We believe we have a calling to 3L3VAT3 ourselves, the people close to us, the community and most important the less fortunate. Before we ever sold a shirt as a company we held our first bi annual 3L3VAT3 The Homeless fundraiser where we were able to raise some money and then match that money to buy winter gear (jackets, hoodies, socks, gloves, hats, foot and hand warmers etc...) to help keep people warm in the freezing winter, where people literally freeze to death. This inspired us to create 3L3VAT3 the Community and eventually 3L3VAT3 the youth ( a foundation we are currently working starting on that will help at risk youth and underprivileged kids that don’t have money for food, sports equipment, and school supplies). At 3L3VAT3 we believe we are all human and should all be treated that way on our first drop we designed “3L3VAT3 Above the Hate” T-Shirts which $5 of every shirt or hoodie sold goes to www.United-against-hate.org. We know that we have a responsibility and a platform to try to fight against social, racial, and any type of injustice and do our best to do our part. We wrote this first because this is who we are first, giving back is JUST AS important as making sales. 

  The Company was started in 2020 by Justin Raynard as a “Hype Resale” website where we bought and sold designer clothes and sneakers. Not long after Justin and Co-Founder and Lead Designer Shawn Harding realized we could make clothes and designs just as good if not better than the designer clothes we were reselling. 3L3VAT3 Hype is still a part of this venture. But Shawn came up with the 3s monogram .. and the 3s being in the name was important to us because 3 is the number of manifestation. Justin was also 33 at the time. They’re  from Boston where some of the biggest sports legends in town wore 33 from Larry Bird, To Zdeno Chara , as well as Jason Varitek. So we say 3L3VAT3 - “Always Level Up” - Keep checking goals off - keep moving forward never backwards. Put into the universe what you want and then go out and make it happen. So the 3s Monogram is centered around an arrow that points up to signify always leveling up, and they felt the back to back 3s was just a great design to have as our logo.

    ATOM - so they decided we needed a mascot and we both agreed on an alien. Justin got the design and we named him Atom (adam) the time traveling humanoid little green (grey) Alien. That could possibly be what we end up evolving into. The symbolism of Atom is that, There are NO LIMITS not even the sky so it was important for something from beyond earth be our mascot. And I mean the original Atom logo is great, and he can be used in many ways. But Atom is for sure our “second logo” if you will, the 3s are most important. Our goal is for the 3s to be seen everywhere in every town and city in the US and abroad, hopefully in Japan where Streetwear fashion really took off, with companies like A Bathing Ape, Stussy, Mastermind. As we look to one day compete with these giants. We want our 3s to be a symbol of 3L3VATING and becoming better, better human beings, better friends, betters partners, better sons, daughters, fathers, mothers, and really just a better more unified species as a whole.

Welcome to 3L3VAT3 ... Thank you for rocking with us, now strap in because we’re about to blast off.